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Wrap It Up

Posted by Elisa Taub
Wrap It Up

Get ready to shop! The MOMREADY HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE is coming THIS FRIDAY, December 1st. We've personally picked out gifts for kids of all ages. Plus we'll provide links to order them online. So avoid the mall madness and do all your shopping with us!

Well, now that the holiday shopping season has officially started, its also time to start thinking about how you are going to wrap up all those lovely trinkets you've specially picked out.

I don't know about you, but I'm always amazed at how much wrapping paper I go through each December. I never seem to have bought enough, which always ends up in a last minute trip to find some more, only to be met with the bottom of the barrel rolls that no one else, including myself, wants.

If this happens year after year, why don't I buy more each year you ask? Because in a word, it's expensive. I'd rather spend more on the gift than on the wrapping that will be ripped into a million pieces within moments of the gift giving and thrown away.

Well, we've found great places to buy wrapping paper that won't break the bank... or at least allow you to give those funds to a worthy cause. Happy wrapping!

Yes those school fundraisers are over, but did you know that you can still buy the paper online and your school can get credit for it? Find out which company your child's school (or a friend's child) uses and order directly. The paper is thick, wonderful quality and comes in larger rolls than your average drug store wrapping paper. Plus, some of them offer free shipping.

Here are two of the most popular school wrapping paper fundraising companies. Just remember to search for the code of the school you want to receive credit for your purchase, before you finish your transaction. Some sites have you enter the code of the school upon entering the site, others during checkout.


Sally Foster

I was turned on to this catalog by my friend Fran several years ago and I've ordered from them ever since. Not only do they carry discounted wrapping paper in a variety of great designs, but also packs of cards, notepads and various trinkets great for stocking stuffers. The quality is good and the prices can't be beat... especially when they are having a sale. I prefer the bonus size rolls of paper because they last a lot longer.
Current Catalog

My mother always finds the best wrapping paper at these stores, and they are often the thick paper variety.

Paper Mart sells factory direct wrapping paper (you'll recognize many of the designs) in 100 foot rolls. Yes it sounds like a lot but if you figure that the average roll of paper is feet long, and it takes at least feet to wrap each present, it's really a great deal. If you love to buy the value packs at Costco, Paper Mart is the place for you.
Paper Mart

Buy a roll of butcher paper at your local art supply store, lie it out on the floor and then arm your kids with crayons, markers, stamps and stamp pads and let them make their own holiday wrapping paper. Not only will the kids feel their role in the giving process, but this paper will be adored by all.

Cheap and always available... at least every Sunday that is. My brother has always wrapped his gifts in newspaper, and over the years it's become his signature. We always know which present is his. Nothing like a little recycling to bring holiday cheer.

Don't just turn to these resources during the holiday season... These vendors also sell great wrapping paper for those 1,001 birthday presents you buy for all your child's classmates.