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Window Art

Posted by Elisa Taub
Window Art

The next time your kids are climbing the walls with "nothing to do" send them over to the window for a new they'll create themselves. Pop up pictures of famous stained glass windows on your computer (see links below), for your kids to see and then encourage them to create their own works of art using Crayola Window Markers.

Used like a regular marker, your windows become a new surface to highlight your child's artistic talents. Not only for creating masterpieces, kids of all ages can dress up a window for the holidays (our windows were recently covered in hearts for Valentine's Day) or can depict any scene, character or message. Suggest your kids draw a story or cartoon. Or turn up some music and have them draw to the beat.

These markers come in sets of different widths and colors, but the wide markers show up the best. Make sure all caps are on securely when the kids are finished because they will dry out quickly.

Clean up is a breeze, just a little windex and it's gone... time for another masterpiece. If only Notre Dame had been created this easily.

CLICK titles below to view famous stained glass windows.

Notre Dame, Paris

Louis Comfort Tiffany

The Cathedral of Rouen, France

Frank Lloyd Wright