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We Went Shopping

Posted by Elisa Taub
We Went Shopping

One of the perks of working at momready is that we get to go to all the gift and trade shows that come to town. Seasoned shoppers that we are, we spend all day going from booth to booth, oohing and aahing over all the new products. Of course we are also on the hunt for great products for parents and kids.

As we made our way through two shows last month, here are some of the goodies we found to help make your job of parenting easier or just a little more fun!

The good news is that we've decided to carry a few of the items on momready as we test out the idea of expanding our store. Check it out!

Phone Flasher - When you're in the grocery store or the shopping mall, you can't always hear your cell phone ring, especially when it's in your handbag. The Phone Flasher is an adorable leather heart accessory (available in black or red) which straps on to the outside of your bag and will pick up a signal from your phone and flash whenever your phone rings. Also great for the theatre when your phone is set on vibrate. Now you'll never miss a call!

b-buckles - Although maternity clothes are pretty chic these days, I would have much preferred to wear my own comfortable, worn-in jeans during those first few months when my belly was expanding. Now, b-buckles let you do just that. Just unbutton your jeans, snap b-buckle around the belt loops and you're ready to go (and grow).

Burp Catcher - Babies seem to have a knack for spitting up as soon as you put them on your shoulder. This unique burp cloth has a pocket attached which hangs open when it's over your shoulder or arm and catches the mess. No more changing your clothes or cleaning the floor several times a day.

Canopy Cards - You can't have enough thank-you notes on hand when you have a baby. The adorable sayings (from baby) on these notes are sure to bring a smile to anyone. Click on the photo to preview all the pre-printed cards.

Sick Bear Bowl - Kids with upset tummies will be comforted by their own Sick Bear Bowl. Easy to grab and easy to clean, this bowl has child-sized handles and transports easily from night stand, to car or airplane.