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Travel Boredom Busters

Posted by Elisa Taub
Travel Boredom Busters

The holidays are almost here, and undoubtedly many of you will be traveling to visit loved ones. No matter what the mode of transportation, it's always good to have what I call a "Bag of Tricks" with you for when the going gets rough...or cranky, or tired or just plain bored.

Listed below are some items you can purchase that will keep your kids occupied on planes, trains and automobiles. Click on the item title for easy ordering.

Happy (and peaceful) traveling!


A good place to find small traveling games and toys is in the party favor section of your favorite discount or drug store. Here you can find tons of small items and miniature versions of children's favorites all at a reasonable price. Plus they come in multi packs so you have one for each child and extras for the next trip when they lose them.