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Posted by Elisa Taub

Each month we'll give you a list of suggested items to have on hand in a variety of situations and locales."Over the river and through the woods, to grandmother's house...AAAGH! I forgot the wipes" Sound familiar? Use our Travel Checklist below to make sure you have everything you need when traveling this upcoming holiday week.
PARENT BAG (Use a backpack for hands free travel)

Copy of your phone book or important contact numbers
Extra Batteries for kids' electronic games
Extra memory card or film 

Camera battery charger
Phone charger
Ziploc bags (varying sizes- small, medium and large)
Extra change of clothes for kids packed in Ziploc bag.
Extra T-shirt for parents packed in Ziploc bags
Extra Cash
Chewing Gum
Ball Point pens
Plastic Ziploc bags - large size too for accidents
Wipes (good for hand cleaning as well as babies)
Ponytail holders
Travel Toilet Seat Cover (good to keep small tushies from falling in)

MEDICINE BAG - put in parent bag
(use small makeup bag or Ziploc)

Nail Clipper
Children’s Benadryl (for food allergy or bee sting)
Kaoelectrolyte packets (add to water to protect from dehydration)
Disposable Thermometers
Children’s/Infant & Adult Tylenol or Advil
Extra Medicine Cup
Imodium AD
Pack of Tissues


Changing Pad
Ziploc bags for diapers
Pacifiers (extra)
Extra Blanket
2 changes of clothes
Ear Thermometer
Extra Formula if needed
Extra Bottles
Ziploc of Cheerios
Teething ring/toy
Bottle of water (for cleaning in case not available)
3 cloth diapers (for burp rags)

Toys and Games (see below)
Crayons/Mini Notebook
Books and/or magazine
Deck of cards
Candy Treat (I like to pack Pez or candy necklaces)

No matter what your child's age, you need to assume you will be stuck on the runway or roadway for at least one meal plus snacks. For a baby this means adding 1-2 extra portions of baby food or formula.

Get individual packets of crackers and cookies - no fighting over who got more chips in their bag.

Always carry napkins, plastic spoons (for medicine) and straws (makes things go down easier when they are refusing to drink).

Bring extra sippy cups for toddler.

Example: (what I pack for two kids aged 5 and 8)

2 peanut butter sandwiches
2 bags of chips
2 bags of goldfish
2 bags of Oreos
2 drinkable yogurts
2 cheese sticks
2 granola bars
2 waters

Don't forget to pack food for yourself!

BY CAR: (add these items to the above)
Portable Potty Seat (with extra Ziploc bags).
Toilet Paper
Paper Towels
Books on tape
Games/Toys (see belowl)
Large towel
Compact Rain Poncho
Maps (good diversion for kids too)
Ziploc Bags (large, medium and small)
Trash Bags
First Aid Kit
See below for more extensive car list