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Touch The Fence

Posted by Elisa Taub
Touch The Fence

Basically, I invented this game so I could "play" with the kids while not moving from the porch on a hot summer day.

The idea of the game is for the kids to follow your directions in the exact order you have given them. The first direction is always "Touch the Fence" hence the name of the game. After one player completes the task, the next player is given the same task(s) plus one more. You continue adding one more task on each turn.

Here is an example of how a typical game might go.

PLAYER 1 - "Cindy, touch the fence."

PLAYER 2 - "Michael, touch the fence and jump over the hose."

PLAYER 3 - "Jamie, touch the fence, jump over the hose and do a somersault."

PLAYER 1 - "Cindy, touch the fence, jump over the hose, do a somersault and then go sit on the white chair."

PLAYER 2 - Michael, touch the fence, jump over the hose, do a somersault, sit in the white chair and then go down the slide.

I give clues when a player can't remember, but when the list of tasks gets too hard, we start over with the single task "Touch the Fence".

It sounds simple, but the kids love it. Plus this memory game gives their brains a real workout. Even the littlest ones can play, with the big kids helping them to remember what to do next. I like to spread out some yard toys and garden "props" to make the game more fun.

So next time the kids are begging you to come outside and play, grab an iced tea, pull up a chair and yell..."Touch the fence!"