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Teacher Holiday Gifts

Posted by Elisa Taub
Teacher Holiday Gifts

For my kids, and many of yours, next Friday is the last day of school before vacation. Again, I waited until the last minute and was scrambling for ideas for this year's teacher's gifts. Last night, as I took a shower (where I get my best ideas), I finally gave it some thought and came up with the following gifts.

This year I went for simple gifts instead of gift cards, each of which reflects our family's tastes and sensibilities. Each gift includes something I've purchased and something made by my kids, because I like my children to have a hands on giving experience. After all it is their teacher's gift, not mine.

With that in mind, I also include a personal note with each gift written by my kids. This is my way of sneaking in a lesson on good manners. Presentation of the gift is also important, but that doesn't mean everything is fancy or perfectly displayed. Just clever packaging that adds a little bit of fun.

Feel free to add or subtract items to these gifts, especially those that reflect the personality of your child's teacher. But don't wait another day to start getting these gifts together... As for me, I'm off to the store as this is being published.

P.S. Don't forget about your soccer coach, Girl Scout Leader, piano teacher or other teachers who have influenced your child this year!


Use a paper grocery bag to pack all that is needed for dinner and a movie. Add newspaper in the bottom so that items will stick out the top. Meal should be in disposable containers. Choose items that will last a few days and can be frozen if necessary. I like to make lasagna because it is easy for kids to help make and freezes well. Don't forget the snacks for the movie.

What They Get
Homemade Dinner
Microwave Popcorn
Gift certificate to local movie theater or movie rental store.

Your Child Can Make
Help make the meal.
Have your child write a note to teacher giving movie recommendations.

This vacation, enjoy dinner and movie on me! Thanks for a great semester!

FOR THEIR INNER JULIA (...Child that is)

Wrap Book and recipe box using your local paper's food section as the wrapping paper. Add ribbon with Spoon and Spatula stuck in.

What They Get
Cooking for Mr. Latte Dear Genius: The Letters of Ursula NordstromHoliday Teacher's Gifts for more ways to honor your teacher.