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Teach Election 2016

Posted by Elisa Taub
Teach Election 2016

The presidential election race is heating up as the candidates travel around the country raising money and leaving some interesting, if not downright controversial, sound-bytes in their wake. But don't dismiss these early rumblings as the simply the inconsequential opening act before the big show this November. Instead, recognize it for the incredible teaching opportunity it affords us all.

As we head into Election '16, momready urges you to get your whole family involved in the election.  Watch the debates together, talk about how the candidates are using TV and social media to further their message, explain the ins and outs of the electoral college, challenge your children to come up with their own campaign slogans, and talk about the similarities and differences of each candidates platforms.  Who is for healthcare reform, who supports the NRA, who is and isn't for choice.  These are all issues kids can understand and most likely have their own opinions about.

Whether you are a Democrat or Republican isn't the issue here. It's about a year long teaching movement where we can all help our children learn about democracy, getting out the vote, and teaching our kids to stand up for what they believe in.

By involving our kids in the democratic process, they learn to not just stand by and let their world happen to them. They will see first hand that they can make a difference. Who knows, by the time they reach voting age maybe the percentage of American's voting in the Presidential election can be raised from the apathetic 62.3% in 2012.

Now that is bi-partisanship we can all stand up for.