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Summer Boredom Busters

Posted by Elisa Taub
Summer Boredom Busters

You've been to the beach, the waterpark, various local museums, the zoo and miniature golfing but still the song remains the same - "I'm bored!". Here are a few summer boredom busters designed to keep the kids occupied and give you a little break.


Here's a no mess painting project that kids of all ages enjoy - Water Painting. Literally painting with water. Give each child a plastic container of water and a thick paint brush and instruct them to paint pictures on your patio or sidewalk. Pictures last for a few minutes and then disappear, encouraging kids to a paint another. The beauty of this project is there is nothing to clean up, making this activity a parent favorite.


A bucket full of soapy water and some big colorful sponges are all your kids need to keep them occupied. The big kids can actually wash your car. For smaller children, give them a bucket of clear water and instruct them to wash their tricycles and play vehicles.


Have each child lie down outside on the cement and you trace their outstretched body using sidewalk chalk. Now hand the bucket of chalk over to your child and have them complete this lifesize portrait of themselves adding hair, facial features, clothes and accessories. They can even draw a background putting themselves at the park, beach, in outer space or wherever they imagine themselves. Trace several outlines of each child and keep them busy for a while. Pictures stay put until the next rain or spray of the hose.


Give your kids a jar or other container and send them out in the yard to create a bug zoo. See how many different "friendly" insects they can find, (i.e. lady bugs, potato bugs (aka rolly pollies), grasshoppers, etc. Don't forget to poke holes in the top of the container and add some leaves for your bugs to eat.


Roll out the butcher paper and put some finger paints in disposable pie tins outside. Have your kids put on their bathing suits and dip their hands and feet in the paints and create a hand and footprint collage. When your kids are done, just hose them off!

These are just a few fun and easy summer boredom busters, but remember, if all else fails...simply turn on the sprinklers and let them run wild!