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Sponge Bob Matzah Craft

Posted by Elisa Taub
Sponge Bob Matzah Craft

Passover decorations don't have to be traditional. I got this idea for a Sponge Bob matzah while conversing with a piece of gefilte fish during a particularly long Seder. It's a unique Passover craft and will occupy your kids while you are busy getting everything ready for the Seder.

Felt, Foam sheets, and/or Construction Paper
(brown, white, black, red)
Pipe Cleaners (yellow)


Cut out shorts, a shirt, sleeves and tie for Sponge Bob using brown, white and red felt, foam sheets, construction paper or any combination thereof. Glue onto front of matzah making sure to let the legs of shorts hang down off of matzah.

Glue 4 yellow pipe cleaners to make Sponge Bob's arms and legs. Cut and bend to desired lengths.

Cut out hands, shoes and socks for Sponge Bob. Glue on to ends of pipe cleaners. Cut out eyes, nose, mouth, tongue and teeth. Glue on to face of Sponge Bob.

Bend pipe cleaner to make a hanger. Glue onto back of matzah.

Let dry overnight and then display.