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Snappy Sandals

Posted by Elisa Taub
Snappy Sandals

Last week when I cleaned out my kids' bedrooms, I could not believe the number of small junk toys I found lurking in the drawers and corners of their rooms. Left over from birthday parties past, they were often still in the goody bags they came in -- untouched and not played with.

This is one of the reasons I like to give out party favors that are somewhat practical -- which pleases the parents, as well as fun -- which pleases the kids.

One of my favorite party favors was the year we gave out decorated beach sandals. I simply purchased a bunch of $1.99 rubber beach sandals and then dressed them up with silk flowers and rubber bugs.

I attached the flowers and bugs, bought at my local craft and toys stores respectively, with Goop®, a silicon adhesive. I found that this adhered better than hot glue which was easy to peel off. Let the Goop® dry for at least 24 hours to insure proper adhesion.

Make sure to create an assortment of sandals -- insects and flowers. It's important to have enough sandals so that the kids get to choose what they want --(remember some girls will prefer big grasshoppers rather than pink flowers).

Line up the sandals at the door of your party for easy try-on when the party is over. Pair with a tube of yummy flavored SPF 15 lip balm on a string and your guests are ready for summer -- now that is a favor!