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School Event Template

Posted by Elisa Taub
School Event Template

Want to be a star volunteer at your school but don't have the time or energy? Just raise your hand at the next parent organization meeting and volunteer to staff the next school event.

Sounds like a lot of work right? Wrong.

All you need to do is personalize the School Event Staffing Templates below and send them to the room parents at your school (I also like to call each room parent personally to make sure they got the form). If you need to assign the classes to a certain time period just make copies for each room and then "highlight" the boxes they need to fill in.

Once you collect the completed forms, just copy the names/numbers onto a master form and presto, you are a school hero.

To personalize the School Event Staffing Letter and Grid, just click the link below to download a copy in MS Word format. Once you have downloaded the form just replace all words in blue with your personal information. Finally, save, print and distribute forms.

Hope your event turns out great!

School Event Staffing Grid