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Rainy Halloween

Posted by Elisa Taub
Rainy Halloween

Somewhere on Halloween this year, it will be raining. But a downpour doesn’t have to ruin Halloween for your little goblins and witches. In fact, one of my favorite Halloween memories was the year it rained.

Instead, invite a few families over for a pot luck dinner and remind them to bring the candy they were planning on giving out. Then after dinner and games (see below), have your kids go trick or treating INSIDE. Here’s the plan:

First, gather the kids in a central room and have them wait a few mintues with one of the parents while the rest of the adults set up. Tell a few good Halloween jokes (see below) to keep them occupied.

Meanwhile, have each parent take their basket of candy to different rooms in the house and close the doors to wait for trick-or-treaters. You can supply them with Halloween paraphernalia to tape to their doors if you want. If you need more rooms, you can also use closets and bathrooms.

Then, when everyone is ready, explain to the kids that they will be doing their trick-or-treating inside this year. Divide them into pairs, and remind them they will need to knock on the door of each “house” just as if they were in the neighborhood. Finally, turn down the lights and give each of them a flashlight, and send them on their way.

The kids will have a blast trying to figure out which “houses” are occupied, and of course they love using the flashlights. Don’t forget to take pictures. These are the best Halloween photographs you may ever get, because your friends and family will be behind each door greeting the kids.

At the end of the evening send the kids home with a bag of party favors. We got ours at the 99cent Only Store and spent about $5 a kid, which covered everything including the cute Frankenstein backpacks. Make sure to include a new toothbrush - a real parent pleaser after a night of eating candy!