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Pie Day

Posted by Elisa Taub
Pie Day


We have a new Thanksgiving tradition in our house called Pie Day. Started three years ago after a suggestion by our friend Bruce (I must give credit where credit is due), Pie Day is celebrated the day after Thanksgiving and is a chance to get together with all of our friends the day after the official celebration with our families.

The first week of November, we send out our invitations electronically ( and everyone is instructed to bring leftovers and the holiday's namesake, Pie. Set up open house style, we usually call it for 1pm to 4 pm. I find limiting the time is helpful because one year we called it for Noon-5pm and no one showed up until 2pm. Plus your good friends will end up staying for an early dinner anyway.

We usually rent a bounce house (about $70) for the kids and set it up in the backyard. I also print out some coloring pages downloaded from the internet (Google search "Thanksgiving coloring sheets") and set them up on a table with crayons and stickers. The kids run wild while the adults lay around, watch football, talk and of course, eat.

All the food is set up buffet style in the dining room. I make a turkey, some turkey paninis and lay out my leftovers from the night before. I also have a big pot of apple cider warming on the stove for a little holiday cheer. This year we are adding our newly purchased chocolate fountain... a big favorite of our friends. But everyone brings pie so this is just an added bonus.

As everyone arrives they deposit their kids in the bounce, their leftovers and pie on the table, and themselves on the nearest chair or couch to catch up with friends.

At around half past two, we rally the troops for a family game of Touch Football at the park down the street. Even the littlest kids play and it's always a ton of fun. The Kennedys we are not, but hey it's a nice touch. After a group photo at game's end, it's back to the house to collapse on the couch and start all over again. Food, talk, bounce....

Thank you Bruce, for this lovely new tradition, which gives us time to appreciate and visit with friends before the craziness of the holidays takes over. I hope you'll start your own Pie Day too.