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Package Struggle

Posted by Elisa Taub
Package Struggle

Aaaaaaaagh! What do they think they are protecting here, Fort Knox?!!! @*#$*%!! These are the familiar screams my children hear each holiday season and birthday as my husband and I attempt to open up their newly received toys. Dealing with the myriad of metal twist-ties, tape, and plastic fasteners is a royal pain. But that pales in comparison to the plastic clamshell packaging. You know the kind... the clear plastic packaging which is invincible to both man and scissors.

Well I finally found the solution. The OpenX. I'd seen it advertised before, but it turns out this nifty little device was invented by a colleague of my husband's and his friend out of their own personal frustration with the impervious packaging. The friend's wife casually said "You should invent something to open those things!" (how many times have you said such a thing) and the rest is package opening history.

We had received a sample along with the friend's holiday card and after testing it out, the OpenX became my new favorite household tool. I use it not only on clamshell packaging but also for boxes, and the aforementioned metal twist-ties and plastic fasteners that hold my children's toys hostage. Buy one for home and one for the office and put an end to package struggles forever.