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Memory Beads

Posted by Elisa Taub
Memory Beads

Summer is a time for travel, and over the next month we will be presenting special souvenir projects that your children can create to remind them of their special vacations.

First up are Memory Beads, an idea which was shared with me by a fellow Girl Scout leader. While the necklace and bracelet pictured may look like random beads strung on a string, they are in fact a representation of a recent trip our family took to San Diego.

Each bead color (we used Pony Beads) represents a single event from our weekend, as remembered by my son. A blue bead for the day we hung out at the beach, a grey bead for the dolphin show at Sea World, black and white beads for Shamu, a pink bead for the cotton candy he ate, and on and on -- you get the idea.

Surprisingly simple, this project actually ends up taking some time as your child reminisces about your trip, going over all your activities and choosing those he wants to represent on his necklace or bracelet. Plus, all you need is some string and a variety of colored pony beads stored in a Ziploc bag - easy to pack and a great boredom buster for that long car ride home.

I have used this project after Girl Scout campouts and family vacations, and each time it has been met with great enthusiasm. It's amazing how the kids can actually differentiate between the different necklaces they've made and know exactly what each bead represents.

Not leaving town this summer? No problem. Have your kids get busy making a necklace or bracelet representing what they did at camp each day or to simply remind them of their daily summer activities at home or with friends.

Finally, Memory Beads make a great family project. Have everyone in the family make one and they can be a kind of "team" accessory you wear on family outings.