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Little Buddhas Event A Success

Posted by Elisa Taub
Little Buddhas Event A Success

Dear Readers,

Just wanted to share some pictures with you from our special Little Buddha's event in partnership with Lululemon Athletica Beverly Hills. Today's event was a big success as we filled the store with little yogis and their parents and learned a little bit about health, nutrition and of course yoga!

The morning started out with some arts and crafts and a book reading where we talked not only about keeping your body healthy but also your mind. Each child was also given the chance to pick out their own worry stones to help them relax their minds... just like the ancient Greeks! And then it was on to the main event -- yoga!

The yoga class was led by the wonderful Brookelin Gottlieb who taught us all sorts of poses and talked about relaxing our minds as well as our body! She was really terrific and we all give her a big thank you.

Thank you also to our partners for their help with the event, Lululemon Athletica in Beverly Hills. Janine, Danielle and Ava were our gracious hosts at the store and we really appreciated their hospitality and generous donation of the great reusable totes we used as our goody bags! They also provided each guest with a Lululemon water bottle.

Speaking of goody bags, we would like to thank our co-sponsors for the event, Lush Handmade Cosmetics, Whole Foods Market, SoyJoy and Nui Kid Water, each of whom contributed items to our goody bags. Whole Foods also provided a nutritious snack for everyone at the end of the class!

Finally, thank you to everyone who attended Little Buddhas. It was nice to meet everyone, many who I have corresponded with over the past year and a half. I even ran into an old friend from elementary school and his two cute daughters. Fun!

Again, many thanks and please be on the lookout for the announcement of more momready events in the future.

Best regards,

It's a full house as the yoga session gets under way!


The snake!

Brookelyn calls for total silence to relax the mind!

Everyone left with a colorful goody bag!