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Home Schooling For The Mom To Be

Posted by Elisa Taub
Home Schooling For The Mom To Be

With your first pregnancy everything is exciting. You can't wait until it's time to start attending the childbirth classes where you'll learn all about the signs of labor, effacement and breathing techniques. You're also taught how to diaper and take care or your newborn those first few weeks.

But the second time around is a different story. You've got another child constantly underfoot, carpools, classes to attend, and of course playdates. Your life is busy, and the idea of wedging childbirth class into this busy schedule is the last thing you want to do. By the third child... forget about it.

Yet you still want to review the information you learned the first time. Brush up on yor breathing technique and remind yourself about those first few weeks with your baby. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to review the information in the privacy of your own home...on your time schedule.

Well four moms from Seattle, including a family physician and childbirth educator, had just the same thought, and the result is a terrific interactive CD-ROM entitled Childbirth: A Multimedia Course and Resource Kit. This multimedia presentation delivers information on the final weeks of pregnancy, delivery, postpartum care and basic newborn care. All the vital lessons you want to revisit without adding another class to your busy life. What could be better.

Along with their informative text, Childbirth also utilizes photos, video and audio clips to support their discussion of childbirth topics. When they talk about breathing techniques or breat feeding they actually demonstrate it, which is welcome help for new moms who really need to see how things are done.

What I like most about the CD is that it actually SHOWS things others only talk about. Like the pictures that show exactly the color and consistency of newborn poop. Who hasn't questioned if those black tea leaf like deposits in your baby's diapers are normal? Asking your doctor is one thing...seeing is believing.

Childbirth also presents balanced coverage of the age old decision of natural childbirth vs. epidural, and breast feeding vs. bottle feeding, without inducing guilt on either side of the issues. Plus it offers information on alternative options including homebirths, midwives, doulas, and nontraditional birthing positions.

Finally the CD offers a birth plan you can customize and print out to give to your doctor and hospital, making sure everyone knows exactly what type of drugs and procedures you want, before you enter labor and can only shout your instructions.

Be prepared though, just like site childbirth classes some of the video is quite graphic. But this is exactly what you want... the same experience as if you went to a class at your local hospital. Especially if you are a first time mom who for reasons of location, time or finances cannot attend a brick and mortar childbirth class.

I could have really used this CD after my first child was born, when my hormones were raging and I needed some instruction and demonstrations to reassure me. I remember giving my daughter her first bath... or should I say my mother giving my daughter her first bath. I cried through most of it, convinced, upon seeing the yellow gunk under my child's crusted over belly button, that something was wrong. Distraught, I quickly handed over the duties to my mother.

The whole episode was of course caught on videotape, my father attempting to hold the camera still as he and my mother tried not to laugh. Funny now? Yes. Not so much when it was actually happening. If only the Modus 5 team had been with me then.