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Holiday Gifts To Make Charm Bracelet

Posted by Elisa Taub
Holiday Gifts To Make Charm Bracelet

I saw this great Charm Bracelet project at a recent Girl Scout leader's meeting and had to share it with you. So easy to make, your kids will want to create several...including one for themselves.

Each little charm has a picture on it drawn by your child. The pictures could be members of your family, all the grandchildren, things the recipient likes, the letters of their name... the list is endless.

A terrific holiday gift to give friends and family!


Shrinky Dinks (we used the pre-sanded frosted variety)
Colored Pencils
Beads (we used 5 mm beads - if the hole is to big the beads jangle around too much.)
Stretchy cord
Cookie Sheet
Brown Paper Bag
hole punch




1. Cut 1 1/2" circles out of Shrinky Dink Sheets for the charms. I used a scrapbooking circle punch. My bracelet has 18 charms which I'd say is the maximum, but you can definetly have less.

2. Punch a hole in the top of each disk using a regular hole punch. Make sure hole is not too close to the edge.

3. Using Colored Pencils draw desired picture or text on the sandedside of the circles.

4. Preheat oven to 325° degrees.

5. Cut a brown paper bag to make a lining for the cookie sheet.

6. Place all the decorated Shrinky Dink Circles colored side (sanded) up on the bag covered cookie sheet. Make sure that none of the disks are touching each other.

7. Place cookie sheet in the heated oven. Bake for 3-4 minutes or until the disks are shrunk and lying flat. As they shrink the disks will curl up... do not take them out until they are flat. Make sure not to over cook them.

8. Take the paper bag off the cookie sheet and allow the shrunken charms to cool for a few minutes.

9. Now your charms are ready to be strung in between beads on a bracelet. Try and gauge the number of beads you will need between charms to make the bracelet the correct size. It will vary depending on the bead you use.

10. When you are done stringing the beads, tie both ends together with a triple knot. Your bracelet is ready for wrapping... or wearing!


Don't let your child worry to much about perfecting pictures - the detail is lost when the disk is shrunk so virtually anything they draw will look good.