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Holiday Card Redux

Posted by Elisa Taub
Holiday Card Redux

I just can't bear to throw away some of the cute photo holiday cards I get from close friends and family after the New Year. But what can you do with all those beautiful cards? For years I just shoved them in a box where they have languished for years. But here are some uses I've come up with over the past few years.


Take a leftover piece of holiday wrapping paper and cut to placemat size. Next glue on the photo holiday cards (front page only). Repeat with the number of placemats you need. Take to your local copy shop and have them laminated. Your kids will love taking turns using the different mats with photos of friends and family. Tuck them away for the next holiday season or use them daily.



What better way to familiarize your baby with extended family and friends than to use these great photos and make them into a photo album. Laminated pages mean no need to wory about ruining the pictures. To make an album, cut holiday photos into the same size and then tape pictures in pairs back to back. Laminate these pairs to make the pages of the book. Punch two or three holes down the left side of each page, and tie with ribbon or string to bind the book.

VARIATION Instead of binding them book style, punch only one hole in top left corner and put on a metal ring for a great flip book.

Laminate holiday cards and then cut each picture so that one part of the pictured family is on one side and the other half is on the other. Mix all the pieces face up on the floor. Instruct your child to match up the correct two pieces of the each photo making one complete family or set of siblings. Great for toddlers.

Save the holiday cards from your family and close family friends and start a new scrapbook which will grow over time. Group together each family's holiday cards year after year. This way you will have a neat record of every change in the family.


Recycle photos for use in your Kids Photo or Scrapbooks

Use the photos for our FAMILY COLOR CHART



Don't forget to save a few of your own holiday cards for a great record of all the changes in your growing family.