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Healthy Holiday Tips and Gift Guide

Posted by Elisa Taub
Healthy Holiday Tips and Gift Guide

by Jessica Smith

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Stay healthy this season by avoiding the common holiday pitfalls: Stress: Shopping for the perfect gift for the in-laws, office holiday parties and visiting holiday guests; STRESSED is your middle name during the holidays. Take a moment to breathe and remember what the holidays mean to you (chances are it's not the rich foods or flashy gifts). We usually bring excess stress upon ourselves with the imagined expectations of others. Cut yourself some slack this year and you might get even more done by staying healthy!

Overeating: Even if you are being "good", a 'bite' of your husband's pie, a 'taste' of the holiday bread you're baking, nibbling here and there all adds up. Stop kidding yourself about 'behaving' and indulge yourself. Sit down and savor every bite of your aunt's famous pumpkin pie. Think small portions, and only eat it if you truly love it, make every bite count.

Lack of sleep: Lack of sleep makes everything more difficult, including staying healthy. When we are fatigued, we're more likely to overeat and crave foods with sugar and fat. Cut out an hour of TV a day and use that time to go to bed an hour earlier.

The "I'll wait until the New Year" excuse to workout. Sure! Saving up months of overeating and lack of exercise for January 1 sounds like the most successful plan ever! Think about it, would you spend your money like a maniac all year round and then decide on January 1st to go on a militant budget? Does that sound crazy to you? Then why do so many of us try to do that with a diet and exercise plan?

Setting yourself up to fail with New Year's impossible resolutions. Here are some of my favorites: I will get skinny this year! I want to weigh what I did in college! What does that mean?How do you plan to do it? Skip the typical New Year's resolutions and replace them with SMART (specific, measurable, realistic, attainable and on a timetable) ones.

A SMART resolution might look like this: I will lose five pounds by March 1st 2007 by replacing my afternoon latte and scone with a coffee with skim milk and a banana and by doing physical activity, five days a week, for at least 30 minutes. It is specific and, measurable (losing five pounds), realistic and attainable (healthy snacking and moderate exercise) on a timetable (in three months).

Don't wait for the New Year to feel and look better, start now! Train your whole body in less than ten minutes (no gym or equipment necessary) with a full body workout from's Fitness Director Mike Monroe:

1. ARMS: Marching Dips

2. GLUTES/LEGS: Split Stance Squat

3. ABS: Fingers To Knee

(Follow along while you watch the video clip of each move)

Can you believe it's already time to start your holiday shopping? Be the hit of the holidays and give the gift of fitness with these wellness inspired gifts:

1. Subscription Gift Certificate: Have a world class personal trainer, delivered straight to your door on DVD each month. Who wouldn't want to do their own customized workout with a celebrity trainer in the comfort of their living room?
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2. Enhance your workouts with a STEP. A great tool for both cardio and resistance workouts, the STEP is portable and is stored easily under the bed (just don't leave it there, ok?).*

3. Stability ball kicks up the intensity of the workouts. Improve your balance, stability and overall intensity of your workouts with this multifunctional piece. When not in use, it doubles as a chair.*

4. Dumbbells make your workouts more challenging. The good old standby of gym equipment, dumbbells can be used with almost any resistance exercise and they take up as much space as a pair of shoes in your closet. Use them on your own or incorporate them into your workouts.*

5. Pedometer. Count the steps towards your goal. 10,000 steps a day helps keep extra pounds away. Makes a great stocking stuffer. Click Here To Purchase

6. Super Feet Insoles. Working out is easy when you are floating on air. Make those sneakers more comfortable and you won't want to stop moving. Click Here To Purchase

7. Microfiber Towel. Exercise? No Sweat! Stay cool and dry during any activity with a microfiber towel. Click Here To Purchase

8. Jump Rope. One of the most effective, efficient and portable pieces of cardio equipment out there. And all for less than $5!Click Here To Purchase

* Target offers all three in their 'Step Body Fusion kit' - you get a stability ball plus a pump, a set of dumbbells and a STEP - and it also includes a resistance band. Click Here To Purchase

Jessica Smith is a lifestyle expert and author as well as a certified trainer and Wellness Coach for PUSH.TV. She is also a professional dancer and highly accredited teacher of teachers who has elevated the qualifying standards for fitness instructors and personal trainers worldwide., is a PROGRESSIVE full-body personal training system that gets delivered monthly to your door on DVD. A revolution in the industry, partners the freedom and affordability of in-home workouts with the luxury and personalized attention of your very own world-renowned personal trainer.
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