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Halloween Party

Posted by Elisa Taub
Halloween Party

It's almost Halloween again and time for some frightful fun! Kids and adults (of course) love to get in on all the action for this holiday. Trick-or-treating is fun for the kids but doesn't always allow them an opportunity to spend time with friends who aren't in the immediate neighborhood. So why not invite friends and family over for a ghoulish Halloween Party!


Friends will love receiving a ghostly invitation in the mail (see photo above). This friendly invitation is simply made by your kids from tissues.

Have your child crumple one piece of tissue in their hand (this will be the head) and then place another tissue over it. Create a face with a black fine point marker. Tie a piece of yarn to create the separation of head and body (leave a piece of the yarn hanging to attach the actual invitation.)

Type or write out the party details on a piece of paper and attach to the piece of yarn on your ghost. We simply typed out the info on white paper and then layered it onto black and orange construction paper. Just hole punch once and thread yarn through. Just flatten your little ghost and he fits nicely into an envelope.

Create a spooky look both inside and out with spider webs. You can either buy inexpensive packages of stretchable fibers to pull apart and spread around or make your own webs with string or yarn. Plastic spiders complete the creepy feel.

Black and orange balloons either tied in bunches or free floating create a party feel.

Pumpkins, both mini and large, placed all around, create the atmosphere.

Ghosts are easy to create from old sheets tied onto trees in your yard. Kids can create faces with markers.

Kids love to see their own creations displayed so regardless of age, have kids decorate pumpkins and ghosts cut out of constructions paper and hang from string around the house, and from the trees in your yard.

Washable window paint can create some scary scenes viewable from inside and out.

Buy black and orange paper goods and utensils which are readily available at this time of year.

- Hot dog mummy wraps - Wrap hot dogs in crescent dough leaving a space at the top for the "head". Bake in oven and then dot with mustard to create "eyes".

- Pumpkin quesadillas - In frying pan or baking sheet in oven, melt cheddar cheese on a tortilla. Using a second tortilla, cut out triangle eyes and nose and a grinning mouth and place over the cheesy tortilla so that cheese shows through cutouts to create a pumpkin face.

- Colored pasta - serve colored boiled pasta. Orange and green are easy to find at your local market. If you can find black...even better!

- Chocolate spiders - Buy crunchy Chinese noodles. Melt chocolate in a bowl and drop noodles in melted chocolate. Take out by spoonfuls and drop onto waxed paper. Place in refrigerator to harden into chocolate leggy spiders.

- Red fruit punch - Serve red fruit punch and for older kids, drop a peeled grape in each cup and tell them to " watch out for floating eyeballs."

- Cheetos and Carrots to stick with the color theme!

- Mummy sticks -(see photo) Easy to make for any age. Just wrap toilet tissue around craft sticks at a downward angle (leaving a space to glue tiny googly eyes) and you have your mummy!

- Styrofoam spiders - Small styrofoam balls, black paint, colorful pipe cleaners, tiny googly eyes and glue is all you'll need to create your creepy crawly spiders. Have kids paint the styrofoam balls black. While they are drying, cut pipe cleaners and have kids bend them into little "legs". When spider is dry, insert pipe cleaner legs and glue on eyes.

- Bobbing for apples.

- Musical chairs to "Monster Mash".

- Mummy relay. Divide children teams. Each member of each team must take turns wrapping a stuffed animal in orange crepe paper, unwrapping it, and handing it to the next in line to do the same. The team finishing first wins a prize.

- Flashlight scavenger hunt. Give each child a flashlight and a list of items to find around the house. Turn down the lights and they're off!

- Candy corn relay race on broomstick. - Divide children into teams. Fill a large container with candy corn. One member from each team must "ride" a broomstick across the room to the container, dip their spoon in and try to hurry back to their teammates to deposit the candy corn in team's container. When time runs out, the team with the most candy corn wins!


- Toothbrush and tooth paste
- glow sticks to be worn as a necklace (give these out before trick-or-treating).
- Crafts that kids have made

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