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Grocery List Template

Posted by Elisa Taub
Grocery List Template

How many times have you returned from the market only to find you have forgotten the three items you needed most? Or got up early Monday morning to make lunches for your kids only to find you had run out of bread and no one had told you? Frustrating? Yes. Unsolvable? No.

To avoid the above scenes, start using our Grocery List Template. Simply download the Word document below and personalize it for your family by adding, deleting or substituting the particular foods your family regularly eats.

Note that some items have varieties you can circle. For example under Peppers you can circle either red, yellow or green. Other items have a line after them for you to indicate the type you need. For example next to Ice Cream there is a line to write in the flavor you prefer. Finally we have an extra space under each category for anything not on the list.

When you have finished personalizing the template, print out a copy and stick it on the refrigerator for easy access. Instruct your family to check off items as they finish them so you won't be left in the lurch. Then before you go to the market, go through the list and check off the items you need. Bring the list with you to the market, replacing it with a blank new list for the upcoming week.

It may take a couple of weeks for everyone to get the hang of it, but hopefully this will put an end to the question "Who ate the last cheese stick?"