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Floral Valentine

Posted by Elisa Taub
Floral Valentine

Who doesn't love roses on Valentines Day? But after a week, the flowers are faded and our wonderful scent of love gone. Not with this project! Made with silk flowers and a little rose oil, our Valentine Floral Decoration allows your child to spread the love all year long.

Silk flowers aren't what they used to be when we were kids, fake looking items which no one believed were real. Today you can find amazingly realistic flowers that make this project into a special keepsake.

Hung on the front door for Valentines Day and as a decoration the rest of the year, your child will beam when they see their handiwork displayed. Can you feel the love?

Styrofoam (flat sheet or heart shaped)
Silk Rose Buds
Matching Ribbon
Matching Tissue Paper (one sheet)
Rose Oil (available at health food stores)


1. Cut Styrofoam into heart shape using knife. Ours is 6" across at widest point.

2. Cover heart in tissue paper and secure with glue on one side only . You may need to add a little glue at edges and in the divot at top of heart. Use sparingly here, as glue will show through tissue paper. The non-glued side of heart will be the back of your project with no roses, so you want it as neat as possible.

3. Pull or cut Silk Rose buds off their stems, leaving about 1" base to stick into Styrofoam.

4. Take knife and cute a hole in top of your heart about 1" down from center. Any closer to the top and you will risk ripping. String ribbon through hole and tie into knot. Pull ribbon through hole so knot is inside hole. Secure with glue.

5. Dip stem end of flower into glue and then stick into the side of the Styrofoam heart where you glued the tissue paper. Start with edge of the heart and then continue until Syrofoam can no longer be seen. While you want the rosebuds close together for the best look, if you jam them in too close they will not stand up straight.

6. Let dry overnight.

7. Sprinkle with rose oil for realistic smell or leave plain.