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First Day Pin

Posted by Elisa Taub
First Day Pin

Starting school, whether pre-school or kindergarten, can be pretty scary. While some children enthusiastically wave good-bye and never look back, others approach this day with much apprehension. One way to ease the tension is to create a "First Day Pin".

A great end of summer art project, you and your child can create the pin together in anticipation of the first day of school. With a famliy picture displayed front and center, your child can enter school with confidence knowing that he is carrying you around with him.

After the first few days, when your child is feeling more at ease, he can leave the pin in his cubby, where it will be available for retrieval whenever he feels the need.

While older kids may be to embarrassed to wear the pin, you can still tuck it into their backpacks to be found by surprise on the first day of school. Even big kids need a little security blanket once in a while.


Balsa Wood 3/32" thick (available at craft stores)
Gold or Silver Metallic Paint
Pin Back
Photo of your family
White glue
Mod Podge® (glossy or matte)
2 Paint brushes
Hot Glue Gun/Glue Sticks or Silicone Glue


Cut balsa wood using a sharp pair of scissors to desired size. Ours is 2 ¼" W x 3" H.

Paint one side of wood, plus the edges with the metallic paint. Let dry. Note that the balsa wood may bow from the moisture of the paint. It will flatten out when it is completely dry.

Cut the photo of your family so that it will fit on your painted piece of wood. Be sure to leave a little space all the way around picture to create a "frame". Affix photo to wood with glue.

Paint over front and side of your painted wood (including photo) with Mod Podge®. Allow to dry for one hour.

Attach pin back to back of your piece of wood with hot or silicone glue creating a pin. Allow to dry overnight before wearing.

Your pin is all ready to wear for the first day of school!