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Cybermom: Recycle Old Cell Phones

Posted by Elisa Taub
Cybermom: Recycle Old Cell Phones

by Elizabeth Rodgers

Cybermom is a regular momready column, where each month Elizabeth Rodgers will write about Lifestyle Technology - technology that goes beyond the personal computer and improves the way you live. 

Are you tired of selling chocolate/baked goods/magazines/junk to raise money for your kid's school? Now you can save the planet and have a fresh new way to fundraise. There are organizations that will pay your school/church/non-profit for your old cell phones. They will even cover the cost to have your old phones shipped to them and then they send you a check. Americans use their cell phones on average for 18 months. Then they get new ones. Do you know how many Americans have cell phones? Are you familiar with math? That's a lotta cell phones.

And if they're not still in your drawer, then they've probably made it to the dump, leaking lead, mercury, cadmium, arsenic and other toxic substances into the water supply. Thanks a lot.

Recycling and raising money for a good cause: It's easy, it's good for you and your karma is back on the upswing. Check out the links:

You can also recycle other electronics and supplies at

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