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Cybermom: Clean Out Your Closet and Get Some Walkin' Around Money

Posted by Elisa Taub
Cybermom: Clean Out Your Closet and Get Some Walkin' Around Money

by Elizabeth Rodgers

Cybermom is a regular momready column, where each month Elizabeth Rodgers will write about Lifestyle Technology - technology that goes beyond the personal computer and improves the way you live.Did you know that the average American Household has approximately $2200 worth of unused items that can be sold on eBay?*

*2004 AC Nielson Survey of Over 2000 Households

Do you have some junk sitting around your house that you know someone might pay good money for? Some gold earrings? Coffee table books? An unopened box of breast milk storage bags?

You can sell them on eBay! It's just not that hard. This is a short article and I'm going to explain it, here. It's your lucky day.

1. Go to

2. Click on Sign In (fast and free --and it is!).

3. Enter your information and they will send you an email to confirm.

4. Click the link in the email that eBay sends to you and you're done with the signup.

5. Go back to and

6. Click on "sell." The site will lead you through a series of prompts to describe what you're selling, what you would like the bidding to start at, how much it will cost the buyer to have it shipped, uploading a photo of your item, how long you want the auction to last, etc. The easier you make it for the buyer, the faster you will sell your wares
7. That's why you should sign up for Paypal. (Really, not that difficult, I'll explain what that is at the end of the article.)

Still not easy enough for you?

There are now stores where you can drop off your stuff to sell on eBay and they will take care of the rest (listing, photographing, packaging, sending, collecting the money) - your only task is to write descriptions of your items. When the items sell, the store gets a percentage of the price, (or you get a percentage, it's all how you look at the half-full glass) and you receive a check in the mail. The largest franchise of this kind of store is iSold It CLICK HERE. There are also many local vendors. Do a Google search CLICK HERE and enter "ebay consignment" and your city and state (i.e., Venice, CA).

Now for Paypal: So that you can make the transaction as smooth as possible, Paypal is the payment method of choice on eBay (please note: eBay owns Paypal).


2. Sign up for a personal account (you can always upgrade later, if you want)

3. Enter your information and they will send you an email to confirm.

4. Click on the link that Paypal emails to you, and

5. Enter your password and you're all signed up!

You can now send and receive money on eBay through Paypal. They take a small fee per transaction from the seller only - buyers use Paypal for free. The benefit of using Paypal is that it offers protection to both the buyer CLICK HERE and the seller CLICK HERE

Go on, now! Clean out your closet.

Yard sales are very last millennium.

Elizabeth Rodgers (along with her husband, Jonathon Fishman) is the founder of Ben's Ranch, a personal and small business technology service company. Elizabeth also writes for television and film.

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