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Color Party

Posted by Elisa Taub
Color Party

 A favorite color is something every child seems to have. And these days the old blue for boys and pink for girls just doesn't hold true. Whether it's orange, turquoise or sea green, one thing is for sure, they can't get enough of their favorite color...whether it's displayed in clothing, toys, room decor or food. In fact it is often so important to them, that the mere lack of availability of the favorite color can lead to a meltdown of epic proportions.

So why not celebrate this budding sense of self and throw a Color Themed Birthday Party -- using your child's favorite color as the theme. If your child can't decide between two colors, then so be it. You know what they say, two colors are better than one -- at least that's what my 6 year old says.

While the guests are instructed to wear their own favorite color, the birthday child and his or her family must dress in the the party theme color -- no matter what it is. I have a whole roll of pictures from my daughter's Orange Party with photos of a very pregnant me, dressed in a rather loud orange shirt. Not a pretty picture I assure you, but a great party for sure.

As an example, below find the party plan for an ORANGE party. For your own party, just use the steps listed below as a template, substituting your child's particular favorite color, and you'll have a birthday party that will leave your child floating over the rainbow....


Use Orange paper and print up invitations with the following text or some variation of the old knock-knock joke.


Knock Knock.
Who's There?
Orange who?


Orange you coming to my birthday party?

Dylan's 5th Birthday Party

(Party details)

Dress Code: Wear your favorite color.
Dylan will be wearing... orange.

- Glass Bowls with orange gravel and live goldfish (centerpieces)
- Bowls filled with oranges
- Balloons in different shades of orange (opalescence and metallic too)
- Orange tulle and/or crepe paper draped around party
- Empty orange juice cartons with tops cup off and/or frozen juice cans used as vases - fill with orange flowers.
- Orange paper lanterns
- Create large "orange slices" out of construction paper and hang up on walls, fences or hang from ceiling with fishing wire.

Tablecloths, plates, cups, napkins and plastic silverware, all in shades of orange.

- Goldfish Crackers
- Dried apricots and mangoes
- Fruit Salad of orange slices, cantaloupe and peaches
- Carrots
- Cubes of orange cheddar cheese
- Macaroni and Cheese - (you can buy large Stouffers at Smart&Final or Costco)
- Orange juice
- Orange Jello mold
- Orange Creamsicles

Cake or cupcakes with orange frosting - serve with orange sherbet.

If your child's birthday is in fall, you're lucky enough to have pumpkins available for your party. Buy small pumpkins and have kids create pumpkin people by using markers and gluing on googly eyes, sequins, string or whatever you have around to make a face.

Buy orange balls, heavy duty plastic cups, foam visors, foam frames whatever you can can find in orange... and have each child decorate them with markers and stickers. Doubles as a party favor.

Pass The Orange
Have children stand in a circle with the birthday child placing an orange under their chin. The orange gets passed from child to child using no hands (only chin to chin). If the orange drops you're out!

Fish Bowl Toss
Purchase several small fish bowls and orange ping pong balls. Arrange the fish bowls close together on a table. Have children stand behind a designated line and toss the orange ping pong balls (one at a time), trying to land one in a bowl. Sounds easy but it's fairly difficult. If you're really daring, give actual goldfish as prizes (check with parents first).

Hot Orange
Like Hot Potato but with an orange. Arrange children sitting in a circle and have them pass an orange around the circle to music. When the music stops, the one left holding the orange is out. Continue until only one child is left. Last one left wins a prize!

Bobbing for Peaches
Use peaches or nectarines, instead of apples, for an orange take on this classic (usually Halloween) game.

Basketball Relay Race
Divide children into two teams. Set up two obstacle courses (using orange cones) or two portable basketball hoops. Have one member from each team dribble the ball through the obstacle course or dribble to shoot a basket and then pass the ball to the next in line. The first team to finish is the winner! To add some excitement, as part of their turn, have each child put on an orange hat, safety vest or other article of clothing, and then pass that item to the next child in line.

Give small trinkets to each participant and a medal necklace to the winning team (available at party stores for about $1.50).

Pin the Navel on the Orange
A variation of pin the tail on the donkey.
Cut a small circle out of orange construction paper (the navel) and create a LARGE orange slice or circle out of orange cardboard or heavy construction paper. Draw a small target in the center. After they put on a blindfold, spin the child around a couple of times and have them try to place the 'navel' in the center of the orange.

Goldfish you used for decoration (check with parents first)
Orange Bandana
Orange Ball
Orange Silicone Bracelet
Orange Plastic Leis
Basketball touch lights
Nerf-style basketball set