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Coin Collecting

Posted by Elisa Taub
Coin Collecting

Otherwise known as “Go play”. Ideas to creatively redirect your kids.

Guaranteed to occupy your kids for HOURS. First you will need to decide on the type of coins your child will collect. Pennies are good for older kids (smaller date imprint) while nickels and quarters (either collect older coins by date or the newer coins by state) are good for the younger ones. Next buy the corresponding coin collecting books at your local book store and a magnifying glass. Finally, you can scrounge around the house for coins, or hit the motherload by visiting your local bank to buy a few rolls of pennies.

Once you explain what they are looking for (year, mint and state imprints depending on your coin choice) and how to use the magnifying glass, the kids get really focused on filling up their books and finding the rare older coins…and you get a little peace and quiet.

Lincoln Cent 1909 - 1940 Folder

Lincoln Cent 1941 - 1974 Folder

Lincoln Cent 1975 - Current Folder


Fifty States Quarter Map Board


Coin Collecting for Kids- Author: Steve Otfinoski

The Kid's Guide to Collecting Statehood Quarters and Other Cool Coins- Author: Kevin Flynn

Magnifying Glass