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Class Recipe Book Template

Posted by Elisa Taub
Class Recipe Book Template

When it comes to teacher gifts, many classes choose to simply have parents chip in and give the teacher a gift certificate. Very nice for the teacher, but not exactly a good participation event for the kids. So why not include this easy to make Class Recipe Book along with the gift certificate.

Encourage each family to discuss the recipe choice with their child and either submit a special family recipe or one of their child's favorite recipes and title it as such. They should also affix a picture of their child in the space provided on the template.

Along with the recipe, each child should draw a picture. The pictures can have a theme if you like, say a favorite thing they've done at school this year, or what they like most about their class. Or maybe they can each draw a picture of their teacher ("How I see my teacher"), or a self-portrait.

You will also need to make a cover page and optionally a page thanking your teacher for the first part of the year. I like to include a class picture on one of these two pages as well. Tying a wooden spoon and/or spatula to the cover is also a nice touch.

Finally, don't forget to make copies of the book for each child in the class. You may actually get your child to try some new foods as you prompt "You'll love this recipe. It's Jake's favorite!"


- Download the recipe letter and template (see below) and distribute to each parent in the class.

- Collect all recipes and pictures and assemble pages to make a book. As you turn each page you should see a picture on the left and a recipe on the right. Make sure that the correct picture is facing the correct recipe.

- Laminate pages. Each "laminated page" consists of two pages back to back.

- (Optional) Before binding, make copies of books for all the class families.

- To bind book together, either punch holes in pages and tie ribbons to hold together or visit your local print shop and have them add the spiral binding
(about $6 for coil binding at FedEx/Kinko's).