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Charitable Bingo

Posted by Elisa Taub
Charitable Bingo

Sometimes moms just need a night out! Although I adore my children, I find I'm a much better mom if I occasionally get an evening out with friends to just have fun and break the bath time, bedtime routine.

Sure, dinner is fun and so is an occasional movie, but how about something different that you don't regularly do with your significant other. The other evening I participated in a great night out. Some friends of mine had organized an evening of Bingo. This wasn't just any Bingo, mind you, this was charitable Bingo with a twist.

There were 20-30 women invited (the more the merrier) for a fun evening of eating, (possible drinking), and gift exchanging. Everyone was asked to bring a wrapped gift (the minimum value of which can be determined by the host or the group as a whole), plus $5.00 to be donated to a pre-designated charity (this amount can also vary), plus a delicious dessert. The wrapped gifts were all placed on a table.

One person volunteered to call the numbers for each round. Each time there was a winner, the winner opened a gift that they selected from the gift table. After the gift was opened, it remained displayed on the table with the winner's name stuck to the gift on a post-it note. This continued until all of the gifts had been opened.

After all gifts were openly displayed, the next winner got to steal a gift from the table by replacing the post-it with their own name. This continued until a pre-set time. At that time, everyone who still had their name on a gift got to take that gift home. Some of us ended up with multiple gifts and some with none, but that's how the ball bounces.

Take turns hosting this fun evening and mix it up a little by having everyone come in their pajamas for "Pajama Bingo" or "Bathing Suit Bingo" (this one would probably guarantee a small crowd) or even Crazy Hat Bingo. Whatever you choose to do, you are guaranteed a fun evening and a worthy charity will get a little boost as well!