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Book Talk - April 2006

Posted by Elisa Taub
Book Talk - April 2006

by Gregory K. Pincus

BOOK TALK is a new feature here at momready. Each month Gregory K. Pincus will be passing along his book recommendations for kids aged 0-12. We think you'll find his picks worthy additions to your library.

Over the last 6 months, I've been acting as a volunteer librarian at a public school here in Los Angeles. Literally thousands of books have gone through my hands, and I've tried to read as many of them as I could. Some are good, some I don't like, but some... well, some I want to hand to everyone I can think of and have them sit down and read. And yes, I do mean "everyone," not just kids. Those will be the books I mention here. These won't be reviews, but recommendations with, I hope, enough information for you to see if this book sounds good for you/your child. With luck, you'll find something in the listings that becomes a new favorite book.