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Birthday Tee

Posted by Elisa Taub
Birthday Tee

Last Sunday, my family attended a most delightful birthday party for our friend Gus. Gus just turned three and his party was your usual kiddie affair. A bounce, balloons, yummy cake plus a few extra surprises.

But what really caught my eye was his birthday attire when he greeted us. It was so cute I just had to pass it along to all of you. He was wearing the cutest t-shirt as seen at right. It was just perfect. Simple and clean, it announced he was now 3 -- and boy was he proud wearing that shirt!

The best part though was that Gus's mom, our good friend Laurie, whipped it up herself the night before. She took a plain t-shirt, and using puffy fabric paint drew a simple cake with 3 candles on it as well as Gus's name. She also wrote the words "Birthday Boy" on the back of the shirt. So cute!

Sometimes the simplest ideas really are the best. Happy Birthday Gus!

p.s. Don't forget to put a piece of cardboard inside the shirt before painting so the color doesn't bleed through.