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Birthday Parties

Posted by Elisa Taub
Birthday Parties

In the Bag is a monthly column (we've missed a few months -- oops) where we give you a list of suggested items to have on hand in a variety of situations and locales. This month's list was sent to us by reader Debra Navratil of San Jose, California. We've added a few of our own ideas to Debra's list which we think you'll find helpful on your child's special day.

Throwing a birthday party can often seem like a major organizational feat. So much going on and so much to remember. If the party is at home, a forgotten item is easy to grab from inside, but a birthday party off site is another story.

Below find a list of things to have in the bag for a birthday party away from home. My motto: be ready for anything, which in this case could mean an allergic reaction, a bumped head or someone not making it to the potty on time.

Here are the basics:

Disposable tablecloths (for picnic tables)
Serving bowls for snacks
Trash bags to take home presents
Ziploc bags for leftover snacks
Masking tape
Camera with extra film and battery
Tissues\Paper towels for spills
Lunch Plates
Cake Plates
Plastic cutlery
Knife for cutting the cake
Cake server
First Aid Kit
Ice pack
Children's Liquid Benadryl w/dosing cup
Extra change of clothes
Two changes of underwear
Extra diapers or pull-ups
Hat and/or sunscreen for your child
Roll of toilet paper and toilet seat covers (public parks)
Don't forget: Pad of paper to write down parent's phone number if it is a drop off party.