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Back To School Means Back To Fitness

Posted by Elisa Taub
Back To School Means Back To Fitness

by Jessica Smith

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Ah, summer. You and the kids have been spending precious time together, playing in the pool, lounging in the hammock, enjoying lazy days sipping lemonade and watching the sunset.

Snap out of it: Summer is waaaay over! That alarm went off at 5:30 this morning and you haven't stopped running since. The kids are late for school, your husband can't find his briefcase, and the dog has to go outside before the entire household crams into your car to be chauffeured by you to their respective locations. School has only just begun, and your daily routine is already bursting with homework projects, Girl Scout meetings and soccer games. The last thing you want to think about is how to keep up with your fitness routine!

Well, throw that "I just don't have the time" excuse out the window. We've got your Back to School-Back to Fitness (yes you can!) guide right here to make it easy to incorporate health and fitness into your already hectic and packed fall schedule.

Back to School, Back to Fitness?

Yes you can! The goal is to make health and fitness easy, and part of your everyday routine. Here are some tips to remember:

- Chaos burns calories. Yes, you may look a little insane running around the house with your hair wet while you chase the dog that's eating your kid's lunch bag, but the good news is you're burning calories doing it!

- Drop the "all or nothing approach". Ok, so you don't have hours on end to spend in the gym working out, so what? You can make the most of the time you have during your day. See our 'no gym, no workout time necessary' list for ideas.

- Brown bag lunches aren't just for the kids. Running errands all day? Pack yourself a healthy brown bag lunch to eat while you're on the go. It helps fast food look less tempting and can help keep you energized.

- Create and follow a schedule. Get everyone to school on time in less of a panic, and you may also find that adhering to a specific timed routine may uncover some small pockets of 'me time'. Go for a quick walk around the block or squeeze in some basic fitness moves like push ups and crunches. Exercise is a great energy booster, so if you can find the time, get up and get moving!

No gym? No extra workout time?
No Problem! Try these five exercises today and you've done a total body workout:

1. Fanny Lifters: With the amount of time you spend in the car driving your family everywhere it's no wonder your rear view seems to keep expanding. Prevent the spread by doing glute squeezes (clenching as hard as possible - this should actually make you taller in your seat too!), holding for 30 seconds at a time. Repeat as long as possible or until the crossing guard in the carpool line asks you what you're doing.

2. Instant Tummy Tuck: Standing in line to buy school supplies for the kids? Give your middle an instant girdle by drawing your belly button into your spine. This engages your internal abdominal muscles and instantly improves your posture, making you instantly appear leaner. And no, you don't have to hold your breath to do this one, so stop making a scene.

3. The Fat Burning Cheerleader: Don't just sit in that lawn chair -- play cheerleader at your son's soccer game. Go all out and blast some fat while you are at it! Jumps, small heel kicks, running up and down the sidelines to offer real time game encouragement boosts your kid's spirits and your rear end all at the same time. (Ignore the judgmental looks from other parents - they're just jealous you're getting in butt kicking shape).

4. Cans & Calves: Sculpt your arms and calves while you grocery shop! Grab two cans of food while you are in the aisle and pop out some bicep curls. (Getting stares from other shoppers? Pretend you’re examining the weight of each item; you know - a little comparison shopping). Once you're ready to checkout, make the most of your line waiting time and sneak in some calf raises (no one will notice, they'll just think you're just checking out what's holding the line up ahead like everyone else).

5. Clean Sweep Cardio: Clean the house, one item at a time. Working with a two-story house? Great! Making several trips from the first floor to the second counts as some major calorie burning. Instead of waiting until you have several items to bring up, make several trips up and down to tidy and tighten up. No stairs? The goal is to move as much as possible, so make several trips around the ground floor and throw in some walking lunges for extra credit.

Back to school is an exciting time, so why not build upon that enthusiasm and use this time to help get back into shape? Try incorporating these small, easy tips into your daily life and you just might find yourself in summer bathing suit shape all year round.

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