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Airplane Party

Posted by Elisa Taub
Airplane Party

Why are little kids so intrigued by airplanes? Is it the whirring of the engines, or the way they seemingly float in the sky? Whatever the reason, there is nothing more delightful than watching a child with outstretched arms run around as they prepare to take off into the imaginary skies.

With this in mind, why not plan your next birthday party around an airplane theme? And don't think airplanes are just for boys... add a few photos of Amelia Earhart to your decoration plans and inform girls that one of the most celebrated aviators of the 20th century was a woman!

Well we've got your AIRPLANE PARTY all planned for you. Just follow the steps listed below for a birthday party that will leave your child flying high.

Write or print out invitation info on 8"x 8½" paper, fold into paper airplanes, and mail in standard business size envelopes. Get air mail stickers from the Post Office and affix to front of envelope.

- Make cut-out cardboard clouds and planes and hang
from fishing wire.
- Make airport signs - Gate B, Concourse A, etc.
- Hang maps as decorations. Using red marker, draw
various flight paths.
- For younger kids you can also buy Jay Jay
The Jet Plane decorations.
- Set up chairs in 2 rows of three like an airplane.
- Make mock boarding passes which they turn in for
- Create a baggage claim area where kids will pick
up their party favors.

- Cardboard Food Trays for serving (we bought ours
at Smart & Final)
- Choose airplane color theme (Red and Gold for
Southwest, Blue, Red, and silver for American, etc.)
- Individually wrapped sets of plastic utensils
- Clear plastic tumblers

- Snacks in individual packets (i.e., pretzels
or goldfish).
- Serve food (ex: pizza, carrots and fruit)
on divided food tray.
- Use a tea cart to deliver beverages.
- Have kids sit in arranged "airplane" seats.

Cake in the shape of an airplane or clouds.

Decorate pre-assembled balsa wood gliders with markers (to race later during the party).

Balancing Cups
Divide kids into teams for this relay race that calls for a little balancing skill. You'll need one serving tray with 6 plastic cups (use any extra from the "beverage cart") for each team. Have each team stand in a single file line. When you say go, the first person on each team must walk a designated distance and back, holding the cup filled tray without dropping any cups. When they return to their starting place they hand the tray to the next in line. Continue until one team finishes. They are the winners!

Pack It Up
Another relay race, except this time the kids must pack a suitcase. You'll need one suitcase and a pile of clothes for each team. Don't provide too many clothes because you don't want the suitcase to be too heavy to carry. Again, have each team stand in a single file line. When you say go, the first person on each team must put the clothes in the suitcase, zip it up and walk a designated distance and back carrying the suitcase. When they return to their starting place, they must open the suitcase and dump all the clothes on the floor for the next person to "pack". Continue until one team finishes.

Musical Luggage
Play this version of musical chairs, except instead of chairs to sit on, you use luggage. For music play Peter, Paul and Mary's "Leaving On a Jet Plane."

Fly The Distance
Have each child send his previously decorated airplane into flight from behind a designated land line. The plane that flies the farthest wins.

Give small trinkets to each participant and a medal necklace to the winner (available at party stores for about $1.50).

Pin the Plane on the Map
Use small plastic airplanes with a piece of tape attached to play an aviation version of pin the tail on the donkey. Make your home town the target.

Pilot's Cap
Design you Own Airplane Wings
World Map
Mini Airplanes
Playing Cards
Airplane Shaped Spoons
Airplane Stickers
Light Up Airplane Keychain