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4 and Under Set

Posted by Elisa Taub
4 and Under Set

It’s always a challenge to find good party favors (translation: cheap, clever and not annoying). Each month we’ll scour some of our favorite discount stores and suggest our favorites. Party on!

For the 4 and Under Set
For the little party-goer, the key is to keep it simple. Each item below was only 99 cents… great on the pocketbook, especially when you have to invite the whole class.

We found these party favors at the 99 Cent Only store this past week, but check Target’s $1 Spot, and other local dollar stores in your area. Use your trusty Sharpie or paint pen (available at arts and crafts store) to personalize the items.


BOUNCY BALL - Always a crowd pleaser. Make sure you buy a few extra for older silblings.

CURB YOUR EATING ENTHUSIASM - Your guests can always use a clean new bib. Personalization makes it easy to identify when they accidently leave it behind.


SNACK ‘EM UP - Rule #1 when schlepping a toddler around town: Bring snacks! Cute Party favor for families on the go.

TAKE A SEAT - These little chairs look so cute all lined up waiting for little party-goers to take them home.


BATHTUB PUZZLE - Give the gift of learning… in the bath! Letters and numbers pop out to stick on bathtub walls.

DRESS UP - Any dress-up item will make a great party favor. The key here is to make sure you have enough for boys and girls.


THE WRITING ON THE WALL - Kids will rejoice when they are told they can go home and write on the (bathtub) walls

LIGHT UP THEIR LIVES - Try and find a flashlight with a loop on the end. Then add a ribbon so they can easily carry it during their adventures.