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Organize : Legos by Color  

Now that the kids have gone back to school it's time to get your house organized and back in tip-top shape.  You can start with our solution for that pile of Legos you tripped over this morning.  You know, the ones your son dumped on the floor when he was looking for that one elusive flat red piece.

Well we've come up with a solution for this daily rug hazzard. Take a tip from the Lego Store and organize them all by color.   Use several clear containers all the same size and actually separate all those Legos by colors.  Yes it takes a while but you could do it while your watching a little TV --

Now we know what you're thinking...why can't I just put them all in a large plastic storage container in one corner of my family room? The room may look better, but trust us, that container will sit there untouched for weeks at a time.

But sort your Legos by color, and it's like magic.  Suddenly they will be popular again as your kids are attracted to the display of bright colors.

Not only is it easy to find the pieces described in the individual project instruction sheets, but this new display actually prompts more creativity now that all blocks on display become options.  Soon you'll have a new collection of Lego creations to proudly display on a designated shelf in the family room.

Sometimes all it takes is a little reorganizing and toys, books, blocks, etc.  can have a "new" feel and generate fresh interest -- kind of like pulling out your favorite sweaters after a long hot summer.