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Crafts  :   Sock Snowmen

What do you do with all the single socks which have somehow lost their mates in the dryer?  Make a family of snowmen, of course!  This craft project uses things found around the house, and is a great boredom buster during the loooong winter holiday break.

Use a variety of sizes to make a Snow Family.  The bigger the sock, the bigger the snowman.  We used buttons, felt, sequins and feathers, but you can use anything you find around the house.

You can also use colored socks to make other people, gluing branches, pencils, or pipe cleansers on the sides for arms.  Green socks make cute Martians, while pink make princesses with a little yellow yarn added for hair. Give your kids a bunch of trim and let their imaginations run wild.

Make sure to take pictures of your two families together for a cute holiday photo.

White Tube Sock
Rubber Bands
A variety of trim for decorations


- Take tube sock and fill the bottom with rice.  Secure with a rubber band.  The more rice you use the bigger the bottom section of your snow man.  

- Repeat the first step two more times to make the middle section and head of the snowman.  Make sure not to fill above the cuff of the sock.

- Fold over the top cuff stretching it out a bit to make the snowman's hat.

- Decorate your snowman by gluing on various trim.

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