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Crafts  :   Holiday Handprint Cards

Looking for a cute personalized holiday card to send out this year? Enlist your child and whip up a batch of these handprint cards in an afternoon.  

We used washable finger paint for our cards, because it is thicker than most other paints and prints best.  You can buy plain card sets at most office supply or arts and crafts stores, but we just used white card stock, folded them ourselves and bought envelopes.

These festive cards also make great keepsakes, showing how your child has grown by the size of their little handprint.  Your friends and family will love them.


Paint brushes
Cards (or card stock)


Coat the palm and fingers of your child's hand with paint.  Use green for the Christmas card, and Blue for the Chanukkah card.  You will need to reapply paint between cards.

Press your child's painted hand onto the card to make a print.  For the Channukah Menorah you will need to print extra fingers to complete the 8 candles on the menorah.

For the Christmas Tree use brown paint to make a trunk.  Then paint your child's fingers various colors and let them fingerprint the ornaments on the tree. You can either use a yellow fingerprint for the star or your child can paint one.

For the Chanukkah Menorah use more blue paint to make the base.  Then paint your child's fingers yellow and let them fingerprint the candle flames.

Repeat above steps for as many holiday cards as you need.  

When the cards are dry, write your greeting on the inside and mail them off.


Mix a little liquid soap in your paint for easy clean-up later.

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