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Tips  :   Forge a New Habit

Okay, so the glow of the new year is over.  Resolutions have been broken - ate a row of Oreos, yelled at my kids everyday, barely flossed, drank so little water I could rival a camel.

Time to get serious.  With a little help.  Because seriously who has the willpower to stick to a new diet without having someone keep tabs on you.  

Well for me that help comes in the form of Habitforge.com, a site that dares you to set a goal and then emails each morning to see if you were successful the day before.  

They say it takes 21 to forge a habit and that's exactly what Habitforge asks of you.  With a visual graphic tracking your progress, you have the actual physical requirement of pressing yes or no to the "Were you successful yesterday...?" prompt. Miss a day and the clock goes back to day 1. Depressing but effective.

Habitforge sample daily email

Motivation also comes in the form of inspiring quotes attached to each email.

Example: "Seek the small improvement one day at a time. That’s the only way it happens — and when it happens, it lasts." --Coach John Wooden

I just re-signed up with three new goals -- weight watchers (trying to get rid of the 10 pounds I put on during my recent 2 months of foot surgery induced bed rest), writing every day, and flossing (worked before, but honestly I've been lax).

You can use the program for free or pay $4.95 for one year ad-free haranguing. (I chose the latter because I love to support a site that actually works for me). You can also pay $16 for a personal coach to monitor your progress.  

Or you can be my "friend" on Habitforge and we can work on our goals together.  When prompted to "invite a friend to follow your progress" just add my email address:  elisa@momready.com.  Then we can coach each other to success!

Ready to start a good habit? Let's go...

p.s.  Want to follow my progress (yes this is another tricky way I am going to hold myself accountable)?  You can find it here: Elisa's Habitforge

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