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Believe it or not the holiday season is already upon us.  It begins with Rosh Hashanah and ends with Christmas -- with a lot of cooking, setting of tables and eating in between.  Well we've found THE must have item for all your entertaining -- the Magic Tablecloth.

What's so magic about it?  First of all, worries about wine and grape juice stains become a thing of the past.  Let the kids (and adults) spill to their heart's content as the magic tablecloth fights back with a coating that has all liquids beading up and just waiting until you wipe them up.

Second, the Magic Tablecloth requires NO ironing -- in fact you actually can't iron it.   Just throw in the washer and dryer, making sure to pull it out promptly when the cycle is done, and it's wrinkle free every time.  This alone makes it the only tablecloth you'll want to use.

Third, it is actually reasonably priced  -- $49.99 to $79.99 depending on the size you need.  Napkins are available in sets of six for $24.99.   A big plus when you have large gatherings like I do, and need a few tablecloths just to cover your side of the family.  

Finally, the Magic Tablecloth comes in a classic, tone on tone design which can dress up or dress down any table at a moment's notice.  It is only available in white, but looks great with my off-white china for big holidays, or my everyday, bistro style plates for casual dining that needs a little dressing up.

Now nothing is perfect.  After three years I admit I now have one stain on two of my tablecloths, but this is nothing compared to the yearly permanent spills I used to get each holiday.  No more throwing salt on a wine spill.  No more frantic overnight soaking.  And again, did I mention no more ironing (my favorite part).

Every family needs at least one magic tablecloth, so order now before the holiday season is in full swing...  It's exclusively ours, so dress up your table to impress and then... spill away.

CLICK HERE to purchase your own Magic Tablecloth

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