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Kids  :   Wrap-Up Your Math Skills
by Lindsey Taub

We're re-running this article about Math Wrap-Ups, an amazing educational product which has made learning math facts a breeze for my kids.  In fact, it was so good, I bought an entire classroom set for their school.

The good news... we've decided to carry Wrap-Ups in the momready Store, making them easily available to all of our readers.  So check out the article below and keep in mind that they are great for travel, make wonderful birthday gifts, and keep math skills sharp over the summer.

p.s. They've just come out with a terrific States & Capitals version as well!

Learning addition, subtraction, multiplication and division facts can be really hard for kids.  I should know, I am ten years old.  But it has to be done. Flash cards can be really boring and they are hard to learn.  But now with Learning Wrap-Ups, learning math facts can be easy, fun, and take only 10 days.

Wrap-Ups are a sort of plastic lacing board with the number family and function in the center and two rows of numbers down each side.  A soft red string is attached for "wrapping".  

You begin by wrapping the first number on the left side and then perform the center function (example 2 x 1).  You then wrap the string around the answer on the right side and go on to the next number.  As you wrap the keys, you must say the problem out loud.  When you finish the board you flip it over and check your answers.

It was hard at first but after a few times I got the hang of it.  Then I kept wrapping each number over and over, faster and faster.  It really helped me learn my times tables in a hurry.

Now that I'm learning division, my mom bought me the division wrap-ups.  My little brother just started on his addition and subtraction wrap-ups.  Wrap-ups are amazing!

CLICK HERE to purchase your own set of Learning Wrap-Ups

Lindsey Taub is a Junior Girl Scout and 4th grader who enjoys cooking, tennis and music.  She lives in Los Angeles, CA and is a regular contributor to momready.

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