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Letters from Elisa  :   End of Summer Break

Dear Readers,

The end of summer always comes too quickly for me, and with it the inherent rush to get my kids ready to go back to school.  New clothes, new lunchboxes, new backpacks and of course a last ditch attempt to take that promised weekend getaway or daytrip before summer is over.  

With that said, momready.com is taking a week off to get our kids ready for the impending school year, and put our family lives back into some semblance of order.

During this break,  we will be running some of our favorite articles from the past year, in our first ever Best of momready Week.  Some articles you may have read, some you may have missed, but all have some great tips for wrapping up vacation and getting back into a routine after a long summer.

We'll be back after the Labor Day Holiday with more back to school tips, NEW contests, NEW features and a few surprises. Until then, enjoy the end of summer!

Best regards,

Elisa Taub

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