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Organize  :   Old Fashioned Photo Display
by Sara Leon

I love taking pictures of our family, and always have a camera with me just in case a photo opportunity arises.  But finding the time to get them into an album or picture frame is another story.  As I look at the photos currently displayed around the house, my kids seem to be stuck in time, eternally ages 5 and 9 -- the year I started working.

But I've found a great way to easily display and enjoy our family photos.  Pottery Barn just came out with an Old Fashioned Postcard Display Rack, which I've been using to show off our pictures.  

Now, when I get my pictures developed, I just pop a few of my favorites in the rack and we have an instant photo gallery.  I don't worry about removing the old pictures, instead they stack up behind my current display choices for easy review by family and friends.  

The kids love to spin the rack and see their most recent adventures.  It's become so popular in our house, that we now take turns deciding which photos get top ranking in the front.

While my kids are older, I imagine this rack would be fun diversion for younger ones as well.  Taking the pictures on and off the rack would, I'm sure, be a daily activity. All the while, your child will be getting familiar with family members near and far.  Plus, clean up is a cinch.  Just dump all the pictures back on the rack.

Available in two sizes, small tabletop and large free-standing, this old-fashioned postcard display will surely be a hit with your family.  Great as a Mother or Father's Day Gift too!

Sara Leon is a nursery school teacher and Girl Scout leader.  She lives in Tarzana, California with her husband and two children.

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