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Templates  :   To Do List Template

One of the best ways to keep your life organized is by making a list of everything you need to do.  I've always been a big list maker, but I used to end up with several lists on different post-its all around the house.  But now I use one master list with everything I need to know for the coming week.  Schedules, to do lists, calls, gifts to buy, playdates -- all on one list.

We've provided a template for your own Weekly To Do List below.  Simply download the List (MS word document) and then personalize it with your name at the top.  You can also change any of the categories to fit your daily routine.  

Use the list each week to keep track of everything you need to do. As each task is completed, use the check box to triumphantly mark it done.  Then at the end of the week transfer any uncompleted projects onto next week's list.

Hope this helps organize your busy life.  It certainly helped mine.

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